Friday, August 28, 2009


Happy Friday! Sending you a vase of fresh flowers!

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I love these vibrant hues. The brighter the better. What are you up to this warm weekend? I can hear Outside Lands Festival beginning, literally through my cracked window. It is an all weekend music festival in Golden Gate Park and though I won't be there, I will hear it pretty clearly. Have a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Days

It feels as though summer is being squeezed out by the on coming fall and we've only had a handful of lovely beach days in San Francisco this summer.

I don't mind, I am itching to buy some new boots and embrace the new season. Maybe I've been in the gray summer days of the city and feel used to the mild air already. I wore a wool coat and scarf just today. Well, Labor Day is coming soon and that means one more search for the sun and the last taste of beach sand for Olivia, and then we'll have to sharpen our pencils and buy some note books. Our summer will come...we'll relish in it late September-October!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Meatballs at Bar Bambino

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I have to say, Bar Bambino is my new favorite place in San Francisco. I am still dreaming of the meatballs. They were perfect. I went to dinner with a girlfriend on Friday night and tried to make the meatballs myself on Saturday. I wanted more! My meatballs were awful in comparison. Everything about Bar Bambino was delicious and well done.

Salumi bar at Bar Bambino

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Bar Bambino had the most wonderful salumi bar and the little appetizer bites like fresh tomato bruschetta were incredible. I had the most diverse plate of olives as well. This place was oh so good!

Bar Bambino, San Francisco

Bar Bambino San Francisco 001
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The leather tether that wrapped around the napkin was a great little detail at Bar Bambino, a place in the heart of the mission district of San Francisco. And the leather covered menu was a nice touch as well. It added to the rustic quality of the food served. The interior of the tiny restaurant was anything but rustic, it was simple and chic.


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I saw these cupcakes and they inspired me to want to bake, they were just beautiful. There are so many cupcake shops in San Francisco that you can buy one any day of the week. And not just any cupcake, the softest cake and I personally like the coconut flavored one from Kara's cupcakes. Does that take away or add to the special occasion of a cupcake?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swan Lake at Stern Grove

Ballet Nacional de Cuba
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We went to Stern Grove festival this afternoon to see the San Francisco Ballet in all its grace take the stage at the free outdoor festival. It was the most crowded I've ever seen the festival and still was a treat to see three different pieces danced, one being Swan Lake. The dance company is beautiful to watch and the grove is like a breath of fresh air with trees surrounding you and people relaxing or taking a picnic. It was Olivia's first ballet experience and she squealed with delight after the first pause to clap. I think she liked it even with her toddler attention span. Just being outdoor and people watching was good enough for her while I was able to see supreme artists do their thing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreaming of vacation

Life's A Beach
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This photo is the beach near Cancun, Mexico. It would be lovely to go somewhere tropical for a week or more. As most of you, I yearn for a vacation that doesn't include going to visit family in another part of the country. A place that has clean folded towels, maid service, good food that you don't have to cook and drinks with straws. Aaahhhh vacation. I don't think that will happen till December! Till then I have to make my own Mai Tai.