Saturday, July 25, 2009

Toddler Ballet Class

My daughter Olivia is just 15 months and just took her first ballet class. I know some people may think I'm nuts, that she's too young, but I think not. She loves to dance at home and if you say the word dance, she starts to move. The whole experience was sweet. She wore a baby blue leotard and matching skirt, with pink and navy stripped Juicy Couture leg warmers. Olivia knew something special was about to happen, and was excited just to wear her ballet dress. Then there were the other kids dressed alike and she was in heaven. The Tutu school looked like a little girls dream land with lavender walls, bamboo floors and various tutus gracing the walls. The teacher, Miss Abby, wore pointe shoes and was dressed in black and pink ballet garb. With her encouraging smile and miles of patience and guidance, Miss Abby completed the whole ballet magic of the class. They danced to Stravinsky's Firebird in a large circle and ran around. It was a delightful Saturday morning and when we came home, she went straight to sleep for a long nap!
Stay in line, girls!
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Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! I want to see pictures!!! Like Momma like daughter.