Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fresh Organic Produce from the Ferry Building farmers market

We joined a friend and her six month old son for an adventure to the Ferry Building this morning to get some fresh produce. We were also hooked into eating at and the best open air Mexican breakfast that my friend recommended. A place at the rear part of the farmers market is where Primavera had a stall. We enjoyed green chile chilaquiles, with cage free scrambled eggs, home made beans with Mexican cheese, sour cream and chunks of ripe avocado. It was spicy and delicious and I will have to go back soon. My one year old daughter Olivia tasted many types of fresh fruits today and we bought some nectarines as well as the organic peaches that were in season. She had peach juice all over her hands and face and loved it. The best way to get my little one to sit in her stroller was to keep feeding her fruit.

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The organic tomatoes pictured were beautiful. The market is also host to incredible local cheeses like peppercorn goat cheese, fresh and smoked seafood, all types of serious produce and the smell of lavender was everywhere. The inside of the Ferry Building is something to visit. There are a myriad of restaurants like the famed Slanted Door but my favorite is Mistral for a hearty French lunch. You can spend all afternoon in the specialty shops that sell wine, mushrooms, chocolates, fresh meats and cheeses, caviar, and all types of sweets. The shops are open everyday but the farmers market is Tuesday and Saturdays only. It is a foodie paradise.


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to come to SF....

Michelle said...

You should!