Monday, June 15, 2009

ODC Ballet

Ballet Dancer & Ballet Jumps: Grande Jeté "Ballerina in Flight" - Dance Portraits in Columbus, Ohio
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This weekend I took a tough ballet class from Augusta Moore at ODC Commmons in San Francisco. Having not a lot of time lately for dance, I was not in top shape but managed to power through the inventive class armed with my technique. Moore's modern style and inspiring choreography kept me pointing my toes through and through. I survived with just a little muscle soreness and came out with better posture. Can't wait to dance again! It is my crack.

I came across a funny article recently. The members of the ODC Dance Company challenged Cal Berkeley's athletic department to a toe to toe competition to see who is more fit, the dancers or the athletes. The dancers went against members of the men's water polo, volleyball, soccer, track & field, golf and swimming teams. This is the third year that they've competed and I really want to attend next year to see it myself. It turns out that ODC beat CAL again this year when it came to strength and agility. And I see why, their bodies are fine tuned artistic and athletic machines.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see your dancing again....Denise