Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dosa on a Tuesday

dosa on a monday
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We went to dinner last night at Dosa on Fillmore. It is South Indian cuisine, which is something I am not schooled in. The restaurant was beautiful and contemporary with sleek dark wood, a communal table and many tea candles. All the lighting and wall fixtures were gorgoeus. The first thing I saw was a chandelier that looked like a lit up feathery animal or sea anemone. It was very romantic and a wonderful place for a date. And yes we date, even though Cain and I are married. I would go back for the libations alone. I ordered the bowler, which had pisco, mango and lime. It tickled my tongue, literally.

If you've never had a dosa before, it is the Indian version of a crepe that you dab with special sauces. Mine was filled with peas and home made farm cheese. It was delicious. We also had chile rubbed prawns and chicken korma with coconut aromatic rice. My senses were alive after the meal. I will go back with anyone that wants to go because It was unbelievably tasty. The restaurant is also a green establishment from the ground up to the food on the table. One more reason to go back, as if you need one.

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