Friday, June 5, 2009

Land's End

It was a warm and sunny June afternoon. When visibility is as clear as it was today and the clouds are sparse, I like to head to Land's End. It is breathtaking on a cold and dense day in a romantic yet haunting way. That was not the case today as summer has officially begun and we got a little feel of it. Despite the sun, I was dressed in layers as I toddled with my 13 month old newbie walker on the path that overlooks the bay and the Pacific. With a little one, the new parking lot means easy access and a calm stroll on a marked path. You can go off road a half mile or so into the walk as the path turns into a dirt and rock meandering hiking trail that has sweeping views of the deep blue bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Needless to say, we turned around at that point. The cliffside and rocky terrain was too interesting for a young curious baby to steer straight. We took in the rays, the Golden Gate views and my little girl, of course, tried to eat the gravel.

Photos by Lena Watanabe

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