Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I hate Yoga

I just got back from a yoga class and realize that I have a love hate relationship with the practice. Everytime the teacher said PLANK, I wanted to plank him on the head and leave...but I didn't. And DOWNWARD DOG was like an insult that I hated to hear. Why the torture then? For one, I have 10 pounds to get back to pre baby weight and for two, I like stretching and balancing, just not on my wrists. The whole thing tests my patience but relaxes me at the same time. How is that possible?! I get through class with images of my lean body coming back and images of walking down a beach again soon. Here are the images that come to mind. Some days I love yoga but most days it is just hard! I guess that is why I will go back next week, to see if it gets easier.

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Erin Merkle said...

Try hot yoga, you will burn twice the calories, and feel so great and cleansed afterwards. You will love it!